The plumbing industry in Sydney is often as competitive as its finances. With Google ad prices soaring and the little conversion to social media and email marketing, many plumbing companies are now turning to search engine optimization.

Being an SEO agency has its own set of challenges and benefits. Challenges include updating every little step Google takes with its search engine algorithm.

According to the Search Engine Journal, the Google Algorithm Update was introduced four times in the past year. Your continued efforts to improve Search and add new features to users are a good thing.

For competitive industries, the strategies you used a few months ago may no longer work. Especially when it comes to competitive niches like plumbing, a new plumbing company is on the radar every month. While there are only three places in search results that generate the most traffic, more and more companies are poised to compete every day.

We have learned a lot in our experience with various satisfied plumbing companies over the past 10 years. This information is helpful for our digital marketing and plumbing company colleagues doing their research. Here are our insights and insights.

Google My Business helps with local search engine optimization

An important first step in any local SEO strategy is to claim and review your local company’s Google My Business (GMB) list. In Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and Organic Ranks in general, joining Google My Company improves the chances of them showing up.

Qualified local businesses can claim this free Google listing and provide their business details such as address, phone number, business hours, and approved payment methods.

Additionally, over the past few months, Google has made some fantastic improvements to Google My Business for businesses to take advantage of. This will boost Google My Business listing and help generate interest in target audiences, thereby increasing your rank on local search results.

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Local directories are a thing of the past

Yellow Pages books are quickly becoming an artifact of the past, even if it hasn’t already been. Today, as local searches have migrated to the Internet, the prevalence of bulky books has dropped to almost none.

However, there is a comparison between web searches and paper directories. Consumers will not find you if the organization is not identified. If you still have questions about the value of local search engine optimization, visit this website today.

These directories provide some value in creating an online profile. However, other than visibility, the local corporate directories will serve no other purpose in 2021. Especially in niches such as sanitary installations, where competition is fierce.

Content marketing is the key

Keywords used by people who want to learn about or gather details on a topic are your prospects. If there is a sale at all, these keywords usually stay at the long end of the sales period.

For example, do-it-yourselfers typically use queries like “fix a clogged drain” and try to figure out how to fix the problem themselves. Although research keywords have a lower priority in your SEO campaign, they can be used as blog topics or in your website’s frequently asked questions list.

For example, informative blog articles like “How to Find a Local Plumber” and “5 Tips to Clear Blocked Drains” won’t make purchases immediately. However, if they need installation services in the future, they can expose your business to people who can become customers.

Start conquering your region

The biggest mistake companies make when running SEO campaigns for plumbing companies is: they barely focus on the company’s location. Logically, the region has the highest probability when it comes to rankings on Google. A properly optimized Google My Business profile can also help you with this.

People tend to start their campaign by focusing on the most competitive. Of course, these keywords have the potential to bring you lots of revenue – but only if you come first. Concentrating on local areas saves time when traveling and offers customers this reliability factor.

Rankings may not mean business success

What does a plumbing company want when they run a marketing campaign? – Obviously leads. They usually don’t care if your traffic growth is 200% or 500%. Not all keywords are as profitable as it looks in keyword research tools. In short, the high volume doesn’t always mean high conversions.

A dozen quality leads is more important to a company than a hundred leads that don’t win customers. The easiest way to evaluate this factor is to find the estimated cost per click of the keyword. A higher CPC often means people are looking for that particular keyword in order to buy services.


Nifty Marketing Australia is a digital marketing agency with clients from various industries. Many plumbing companies in various cities across Australia have chosen Nifty Marketing Australia for SEO services.

We saw plumbing companies in Sydney grow their leads by an amazing 400%. Contact us today and we can help you with a bespoke SEO strategy for your plumbing business.