Creating a correct SEO balance is crucial for any company to succeed, especially in this day and age where having a good lead generating website is so vital. A good SEO plan is what separates the successful websites from the unsuccessful ones. Discussed below is a list of some of the most important SEO tasks all companies must focus in –

  1. Get rid of all the Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is one of the major deterrents. It disqualifies a website from Google’s expected standard of quality results. If you don’t want to get reprimanded by Google, make sure that there’s no duplicate content on the website. There are a lot of tools to check the validity of the content on your site. Some of the most common tools for examining duplicate content are, Copyscape and Siteliner.

  1. Preserve Unique Title Tags

After you publish fresh content to your website, optimize your title tags to articulate what you want to communicate. It is significant to confirm the number of duplicate title tags present in the website. Simply check out the HTML Improvements section of your website on Google Webmaster Tools. Analyse the menu and look for the unique titles that may be duplicated. Change these duplicate title tags.

  1. Create Clickbait Title Tags

The ideal solution is to come up with clickbait title tags to increase the chances of users clicking on the links. A good unique title tag must be –

  • Less than 60 characters in length
  • the main targeted keyword has to be in there
  • A selling or a persuasive point about the product or service
  • Brand name

A basic title tag should consist of the primary keyword, the secondary keyword and the brand name. The title should be of maximum 60 characters.

  1. 156-character Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are important SEO elements. Every page should have its own meta description. The basic requirement of a meta description is that it should answer the basic questions on the minds of the users- “What am I getting from this website?”

  1. Create Meta Descriptions that Differentiate You from Competitors

Differentiate these meta descriptions based on what advantages your website is offering as compared to your competitors. Highlight the main value propositions your website is proposing. Make sure you have come up with a meta description that encapsulates the essence of your website. It has to be welcoming, driven like a ‘call to action’ message and it has to be unique with its own unique core keyword.

  1. Content Optimization

Optimize your content by including core keywords in the title tag, the meta description, the URL and in all headings. The title tag for every page must be unique and appealing enough to generate clicks.

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