People in a Texas city now have another thing to worry about, aside from COVID-19. On Saturday, the city of Lake Jackson, Texas, found brain-eating amoeba in its water system.  

Brain-eating Amoeba in Texas

Gizmodo reports that after finding the amoeba, Lake Jackson declared a health disaster. They had detected the amoeba Naegleria fowleri, which causes a rare brain infection. This infection almost always kills, too.

The CDC adds that you can usually find the amoeba in warm freshwater and soil. Moreover, you can get the amoeba if dirty water gets into your nose. Then, the amoeba travels to your brain. However, the CDC said that you couldn’t get infected if you swallow dirty water. 

Brain-eating Amoeba Cases

In early September, a 6-year-old boy named Josiah McIntyre got sent to the hospital because of the amoeba. The boy died in the end. His family guessed that the boy caught the amoeba from the city splash pad or a hose.

In response, the city closed the splash pad and tested the water for the amoeba. The splash pad water was negative. However, further testing found the amoeba in other locations. The city had detected the amoeba in the splash pad storage tank, a fire hydrant, and a hose bib in McIntyre’s house. 

The City Acts

Texas state officials issued a “do not use water” order in various cities. While the state flushed the amoeba out of the system, they also warned the public to boil water before drinking or cooking. They also said that people should not let water enter their noses.

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