Photo Credits: Camrynn L and The Fresh Faces Project

Calynn M. Lawrence, Miss USA Universe Tourism 2021 is a bombshell businesswoman who has shattered glass ceilings and paved a new path in marketing and creative community service, being called “the SuperGirl of Small Business P.R.” in her New York Times Daily cover story in January of 2021! As the Founder of the acclaimed nonprofit initiative, The Fresh Faces Project, owned by her firm, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation, her movement has helped over 500 startup entrepreneurs and aspiring creatives-performers get free and extremely discounted promotional opportunities to grow their brands. They do this by featuring them in free or very low-cost spotlight articles in the publications owned by the firm and partnered media outlets, interviewing them as cast members on their 5-star rated web series “Chicago Talent,” and honoring them at the annual Fresh Faces Project Awards Ceremony!

As of March 2021, she made history as having founded one of the largest pro bono marketing agencies in the world, being few of its kind to have made such an impact on the world of the up-and-coming. This major achievement landed her front-page cover stories in The Washington Mail and TIME Magazine Paris among others.

Having been spotlighted in over 50 news outlets for her work including Yahoo! Finance, Marketwatch, Billboard HipHop, E! News Sri Lanka, NBC and FOX, she’s a press magnet with an impeccable intuition for how to build brands and make headlines.

Supporting her strides to foster an increase of positive media coverage of rising stars and entrepreneurs, she has collected 17 awards including 4 Chicago Oscar RCCI Academy Awards, Woman of The Year and multiple national humanitarian awards. The only goal she hasn’t yet been able to tackle is her search for a long-term partner, being cited in the media multiple times discussing her desire to settle down with the right man. Despite being smart, successful, sweet, and even sexy, she’s taking her time choosing the lucky man to be “the Joker to her Harley” and share in building her empire.

Her latest philanthropic endeavor is her newly launched “Artists of Altruism” royal ambassador program where The Fresh Faces Project will be crowning and sashing several hand-selected “women of excellence” with national and global titles at their awards ceremony in the fall! These women must represent “a legion of potential legends” as the movement was called by the press, displaying a strong combination of philanthropy, talent or artistic ability, and active presence in their communities and on social media. They stress on their website that they aren’t taking “traditional pageant criteria” like runway walking, standardized beauty, or designer wardrobes into consideration at all, aiming to focus solely on “what really matters!” Crediting her inspiration for this program to her years of marketing and production work for The Miss Planetary Organization, witnessing the positive impact of other charity ambassador programs like MomsCanDoIt2 and Cisco & Cisco Productions, and her own pageant participation for both the Miss & Mrs. America Nation and The World’s Miss Tourism organizations.

Her work has been seen as particularly poignant and powerful, even being called “a one girl revolution who’s destined to change the world!” If she continues in her nonprofit efforts to assist and uplift her fellow hustlers, especially within underprivileged and underrepresented communities, her work could help change the course of a generation.
Across new divides, she is trailblazing small business P.R. while simultaneously championing creative community service!

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