The world of smart speakers is being dominated irrevocably by Amazon. The very important reason for Amazon domineering the smart speakers’ world inclines towards the plethora of features it imparts to its users. Another nifty feature has been recently added to Alexa. This feature will be very useful to the ones who often misplace or forget their stuff.

Echo by Amazon has been updated in such a way that now Alexa will remember where you have placed your belongings in case if you forget. All the users need to do is inform Alexa about where they have kept their stuff and Alexa will remember the location of it.

It is going to work in such a manner –once you have informed Alexa about the storage location of the stuff, all you need to do is just ask and you will be reminded. We tried to gather information concerning whether Alexa is going to store the information forever or is it just for a couple of days. This feature is certainly helpful as you can now stop panicking about where you placed your car keys or your wallet in the very last minute before leaving the house.

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