Retail giant Amazon announced the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative to help environment-conscious consumers determine if products are sustainable through its 18 certifications.

E-commerce behemoth Amazon introduces a program that would help its customers know if a product is sustainable. The company also said it partnered with 18 certifications to identify which products meet sustainability standards that would have a less environmental impact. 

Sustainability Label Among Products

Amazon launches the Climate Pledge Friendly program, which would include a label on products that meet at least one of 19 sustainability certifications. The company also mentioned that over 25,000 products already bear the label.

According to Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos, the Climate Pledge Friendly serves as a “simple way for customers to discover more sustainable products that help preserve the natural world.”

He added that the company incentivizes retailers that “create sustainable products that help protect the planet for future generations.”

Moreover, consumers can find the sustainability label among a wide variety of categories, like grocery, household, fashion, beauty, and personal electronics products. The tech giant will dedicate a section in their store for products categorized as Climate Pledge Friendly.

Sustainability Certifications

The e-retail behemoth said it worked closely with 18 external certifications. Amazon, together with third-party validators, would categorize if the products meet sustainability standards that would preserve the natural world.

Among the certifications include the non-profit group called Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. Essentially, the organization provides “a framework for product design optimization.

William McDonough, co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle, said: “Amazon’s new program will expand our reach and enable us to empower more brands to deliver safer and more sustainable products for the circular economy.”

Furthermore, Amazon also introduces a certification called Compact By Design. Basically, the Amazon-created certification determines if a product has an efficient design. It only means that the items should not have any excess air and water, thereby requiring smaller packaging. Therefore, smaller packages mean more efficient to ship.

Amazon’s Climate Pledge Commitment

The green program furthers Amazon’s plans to reach decarbonization among its operations a decade early than the Paris Agreement. Previously, it even invested $2 billion to companies that would help lower carbon footprint.

Moreover, Amazon even intends to fully rely on renewable energy sources by 2025. It also said it will pledge $100 million for reforestation efforts.

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