One of the hassles of furniture shopping is that you can’t see how a chair or table would look like inside your house. You won’t know if a chair is too big for your living space until you bring it home. And what if the chair doesn’t match the room’s style? But don’t worry—Amazon’s newest AR tool will lift that burden from your shoulders.

The Amazon Room Decorator

TechCrunch reports that Amazon is launching an AR shopping tool called the “Room Decorator.” With this tool, you can check how a chair or table for sale looks inside your space. Amazon had tried out a lot of AR tools before, but the Room Decorator is the first to let you add multiple items on your screen at once. The Room Decorator works for thousands of furniture items, even some third-party brands, according to Engadget.

How Do I Use the Amazon Room Decorator?

If you use the Amazon shopping app, you can see a “View in Your Room” option when you’re looking at furniture. You can also save your room layout on your Amazon account, and you’ll get a link in your email. 

Amazon’s AR Experiments

In 2017, Amazon had already released the first version of the Room Decorator. However, this version could only preview one item at a time. 

Moreover, Amazon’s furniture team built an online Showroom, where you can see previews of your furniture. There, you can check if they match or not. Meanwhile, Amazon’s visual search team developed Room Decorator. Not to be outdone, IKEA also has made an AR furniture shopping tool.

To use Room Decorator, you will need an iOS device or a desktop browser.

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