Amazon will hold this year’s Prime Day on October 13-14, an annual shopping event that usually takes place in July but was postponed due to the pandemic.

Amazon’s Prime Day, which usually occurs in July, will kick off in a few days. This year marks the first time that the e-commerce giant will hold the anticipated shopping event for Prime subscribers in October, largely thanks to the pandemic. 

Prime Day in October

The awaited Amazon event will commence on Tuesday, three months later than the expected dates. Previously, the company has announced that it postponed Prime Day because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it remains to be seen whether it could pull off the same success at a time when the shopping season nears.

CNBC reports that Amazon had encountered struggles within its operations as demand for online orders dramatically rose amid the health crisis. In the months that follow, Amazon upped its workforce to meet demand, especially for essential items. Particularly, the tech giant added 175,000 employees to work on their warehouses and deliveries across the country. The majority of these new hires remained, which CNBC notes as a mark of a continued boost in online orders.

Prolonged Sales Season

An Amazon Prime Day in October means that the event inches closer to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two other shopping seasons, and the holidays. During these times, retailers require their staff to work longer hours to meet the high demand. And that also goes to Amazon employees.

But aside from their workers, CNBC also points out that millions of third-party retailers would need to give discounts for their products. Multiple sellers also told CNBC that they remained unprepared for October’s Prime Day event. Normally, the company reminds the merchants in advance about details of the Prime Day. However, this year, they learned the details at the same time as the public. With this, sellers could only mark down fewer items during the Prime Day. That’s on top of Amazon’s announcement of limiting warehouse inventories.

Meanwhile, USA Today reports the importance of Prime Day to small businesses. One of the new things for this year’s Prime Day includes credit for orders above $10. Customers can use that credit to purchase anything, even from small businesses.


CNBC also reports that while Amazon does not disclose its sales volumes garnered from the annual event, predictions assume a revenue of up by over 42 percent than last year. JPMorgan predicts this year’s Prime Day could bring in $7.5 billion, while eMarketer projects sales to hit nearly $10 billion.

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