Tech giant Apple has acquired the rights for the upcoming movie from renowned directors The Russo Brothers. “Cherry” serves as Anthony Russo and Joe Russo’s first project since the highest-grossing film “Avengers: Endgame” last year.

Apple’s Purchase of ‘Cherry’

The iPhone maker has purchased the completed film “Cherry” to add the title to its own streaming platform Apple TV+. The company plans to debut the film in early 2021, Variety reports. Moreover, Apple plans to release the movie in theaters for a limited time.

Boosting Apple TV+ Content

Reports even say that Apple bought the film rights for about $40 million. It marks as Apple Original Films’ attempts to join the Oscars. Furthermore, it boosts the upcoming programs featuring high profile stars.

The film will feature another Marvel regular, Tom Holland, who portrayed Spider-Man in the multi-billion franchise. Holland will star alongside Ciara Bravo. According to Variety, other casts include Kelli Burglund, Jack Reynor, Forrest Goodluck, Jeff Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini, Kyle Harvey, and Thomas Lennon.

Apple continues to expand the catalog of its own streaming service. Not only does it produce original programming, but it also acquired other feature films like “Greyhound,” starring Tom Hanks, and “Emancipation” with Will Smith.

The film’s Story

Based on a semi-autobiographical book written by Nico Walker, the film tells a story of a former war medic that returned home with undiagnosed PTSD. Holland’s character, together with his wife (played by Bravo), develops an addiction to opioids. 

Aside from directing, the Russo Brothers also served as a producer for this movie. According to the Deadline, the Russo Brothers knew the issue of Oxycontin in their hometown in Cleveland upon gaining interest in the book. Furthermore, Anthony and Joe, through their production company AGBO, bought the rights to adapt the novel for $1 million.

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