Having your Mac break during a pandemic is horrible luck. What if the nearest Apple Store in your area is closed? If your only choice is going to third-party repair shops, don’t worry. Apple will now verify these shops for Mac repairs. 

Going to Third-Party Mac Repair Shops

According to Reuters, Apple is now extending its iPhone repair service to Mac ones. The company had launched a program last year that supplies parts to third-party repair shops and trains them to fix iPhones. Now, they can also fix Macs. Before, Mac users had to go to an Apple Store or warranty service to get repairs.

With the pandemic, many users are now buying laptops or computers to work from home. Apple’s Mac sales rose to $7 billion, an increase of 21.6% in quarterly sales. With that many laptops, one or more will break down eventually.

Third-party Mac repair shops in Europe and Canada will benefit from Apple’s program.  

What Does Apple’s Move Mean for Users?

Apple’s expansion of its repair program will allow users more options for fixing their Apple devices. Through this program, users can save time and energy because they don’t have to trek to the nearest Apple Store.

Engadget also says that being able to go to third-party repair shops can extend Apple products’ lifespan. With verified shops, users can relax and trust that they’re still getting reliable service, especially designers and content creators who rely on their laptops for a living. Apple has probably the best laptop for Lightroom and Photoshop.

Mac Repairs Under the Pandemic

The pandemic is stressful enough for employees, as the virus forces them to work from home. Surely, they don’t need the added stress of sending broken laptops for repair. Now that Apple has verified third-party shops, users don’t have to think about going to an Apple Store if there’s another shop nearby.

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