In its efforts to move away from China, Apple has begun moving its plants to India. Through its partner Foxconn, Apple has started to assemble the iPhone 11 in a plant in Chenna. A source from Apple said that the company wants to ramp up local production in the country. 

Apple Commits to the Indian Market

Tech Crunch reports that by moving to India, Apple states its commitment to its market. The country holds the world’s second-largest smartphone market. Meanwhile, China continues to produce Apple’s smartphones. With the shift to India, Apple hopes to begin making the iPhone 11 away from China.

Cooperation with Apple

Another Apple partner is Wistron, based in Taiwan. Through Wistron, Apple has assembled older iPhone models, including the iPhone 7, at its Bangalore plant in India. The same plant currently makes the iPhone XR model. According to the source, Apple has stopped producing the iPhone 6s and SE there in 2019.

An Indian official also confirmed Apple’s move to India. On Friday, Piyush Goyal that Apple has begun assembling the iPhone 11 in his country. Goyal heads India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Apple did not respond to this statement.

By moving there, Apple also avoids paying the Indian government the 20% duty on imported electronics. 

Apple Is Not the Only Game in India

Other smartphone companies have also made deals to manufacture devices in India. These include “Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus.” According to Tech Crunch, Xiaomi’s phones are made and sold in India. The brand is the number one smartphone seller in the country.

Currently, Apple only holds 1% of the the country’s smartphone market. In the next few months, Apple plans to launch its first online store in the country.

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