Apple continues to make moves even as it faces a serious legal battle. The software giant had bought VR startup Spaces Monday. With this deal, Apple moves closer to making its VR and AR hopes a reality. 

The VR Startup Spaces

Gizmodo reports that Spaces sprung from Dreamworks Animation studios in 2016. After that, numerous companies hired them for VR work. These companies include Microsoft and NBC. 

Since the pandemic spread in the US, Spaces had to shut down its VR arcades for a while. The company switched up and released a Zoom add-on that lets meeting participants enter meetings through a VR avatar. With this move, the startup managed to return to normal quicker than expected.

Apple Working on VR

The same Gizmodo report said that Apple had begun working on a VR headset. However, these plans stayed rumors and were never confirmed. Any Apple AR/VR headset won’t come out soon. 

Apple’s AR Headset to Come in 2021?

Yet, the website 9to5Mac had noted that Apple was reportedly preparing to release an AR headset and AR glasses for 2021 and 2022. The report said that Apple plans to combine AR and VR in one headset for gaming and content. For its AR glasses, Apple wants to keep it light and AR only. The glasses will show things like map directions overlaid on what the users see in the real world.

Another report said that Apple wants to equip its headset with ultra-HD displays and ultra-high-fidelity audio. For this plan to work, Apple might need Spaces’ help. Before buying Spaces, Apple had also bought other AR/VR companies like NextVR, Akonia Holographics, and Vrvana.

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