Enabling 5G for smartphones could be expensive, which is why Apple is trying to cut costs in making the iPhone 12. To save money, Apple is moving to cheaper parts for phone production. Reports say that Apple wants to use low-cost affordable battery technology to offset 5G costs. 

Cheaper Production for the iPhone 12

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported Apple’s recent move. By using inexpensive parts, Apple also wants to prevent increasing the price of its new iPhones. Kuo adds that if Apple uses Sub-6GHZ 5G tech would cost them $75 to $85 more. If they tried millimeter wave technology, they’d have to pay $125 to $135 more. To avoid these costs, Apple is cutting costs on iPhone components.

What Does This Mean for the iPhone 12?

The Verge also reports that inexpensive parts would mean a cheaper battery board for the iPhone 12. With more affordable parts, the iPhone 12’s battery board will be 40% to 50% less expensive than the iPhone 11’s board. The new iPhone’s batteries will also see a 30% to 40% price decrease because of a redesign.

Moreover, Apple is also planning to trim costs for the new generation of AirPods. For the latest AirPods, Apple will implement the design currently used for the AirPods Pro.  To cut shipping costs, Apple will put the new iPhones in smaller boxes. These boxes would also not include the free power adapter and earphones. 

When Can I Buy the iPhone 12?

For the first time in history, Apple has delayed an iPhone launch. Instead of September, the new iPhones may be out in October. However, it’s still unclear if Apple would announce the new phone in September.     

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