The rumors are all true: Apple is launching a new subscription bundle called Apple One. With multiple tiers, Apple One offers users the choice of levels according to their preferred service or price. 

The Apple One Subscription Bundle

Gizmodo reports that Apple One offers three subscription options, called the Individual, Family, and Premier plans. Each plan also offers a different range of Apple services. For example, the Family and Individual plans offer Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and iCloud storage. However, the two tiers differ in cost and iCloud storage capacity.

The Apple One Subscription Tiers

The Individual Plan costs $14.95 a month, coming with an iCloud storage capacity of 50GB. On the other hand, the Family plan costs $19.95 a month and will come with 200GB of iCloud storage. Users can also share their Family subscriptions with six family members. 

If you want all Apple services in one bundle, you can get the Premier plan. At $29.95, the Premier tier is pricey, but it will have all Apple apps, along with Apple News and the new Fitness+ app. Subscribing to both News and Fitness+ separately will cost you $10 and $80 a year, respectively.

Premier subscriptions also come with 2TB of iCloud storage. Users can also share their Premier plans with six family members.

Can I Subscribe to Apple One Now?

For now, if you haven’t subscribed to an Apple service, the company offers you a free 30-day trial of Apple One. 

Since you only need one account to subscribe to the Family or Premier plans, Apple adds that each family member can log in using their credentials to access accounts or settings.

With Apple One, the company hopes to pull longtime users deeper into the Apple ecosystem.

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