Apple is shaking up its Music app for subscribers. For families, their kids can now enjoy the new content in Apple Music’s Kids and Family section. Aside from adding new playlists, the company has also refreshed its look with updated artwork. 

Changes in Apple Music Kids and Family

Engadget reports that Apple has changed its Music app over recent weeks. Now, the updated Kids and Family section would help families find music for every occasion. The company has also made sure that every member of the family will enjoy the new music. As part of the update, Apple has curated every playlist to include songs everyone in the family would like.

Apple’s Kid-Friendly Music

One of these playlists is the Back to School set, which contains contemporary songs from Avicii, Anderson Paak, and other artists. Like other playlists, Apple also says it would update its new playlists every day with each new release. 

The company has said that it recognizes the shift in children’s musical tastes. Apple wants to reflect this shift by offering more choices in its kid-friendly playlists. With the change, Apple says that children’s music isn’t just lullabies or nursery rhymes anymore. They said that children’s music is just great music for the family. 

Apple Music’s Popular Playlists

Engadget also reports that Apple Music’s Kids and Family section has seen a growth surge in recent weeks. In particular, people have spent more time listening to Kids and Family content in the past four weeks. In terms of percentage, this increase translates to a spike of 105%.

Apple adds that the new updates would help families and kids cope with the pandemic. The company continues its efforts to keep people’s spirits up despite COVID-19.

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