Apple is kicking up its climate change efforts. The company announced Tuesday that it plans to make its operations 100% carbon neutral by 2030. For this goal, Apple will make its supply chain and products carbon neutral.

How Will Apple Achieve Carbon Neutrality By 2030?

Tech Crunch reports that Apple plans to divide its climate change efforts. First, the company wants to start production with 75% reduced carbon emissions. After that, Apple plans to “help remove carbon from the atmosphere.” 

Apple’s Making iPhones with Recycled Materials 

Earlier, Apple has already begun producing its gadgets with recycled materials. The company has developed in-house robots for the job. Apple named the robots Dave and Daisy. Using the robots, Apple removes rare earth metals and tungsten from old devices, then recycle them. The company also recovers old steel. Before upgrading to a new iPhone, hand your old one to Apple. That way, you can also help the environment.

How Apple Ensures Green Production Through Its Suppliers

To make sure it goes 100% green, Apple partnered with over 70 suppliers to use renewable energy for its production centers. With this partnership, Apple believes it can reduce the same amount of emissions as three million cars. The company also plans to go full solar by building the “world’s biggest solar arrays in Europe.” For the remaining 25% of carbon, Apple intends to restore African and South American forests to soak it all up. 

Greenpeace has recognized Apple’s efforts several times. The environmental group has named Apple as the “greenest tech company” for three years. In 2017, Apple got an “A” for helping build a green internet. It also scored 83% in the clean energy index. 


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