Despite the COVID-19 pandemic hurting businesses worldwide, Apple has unveiled a new floating Apple Store in Singapore. Called the Apple Marina Bay Sands, this store floats on Singapore’s waterfront. It’s also the world’s first Apple retail shop built on water. 

The New Floating Apple Store in Singapore

The Verge reports that the Apple Marina Bay Sands is the third Apple Store in Singapore. It’s also part of the Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel and resort. As the third such store in Singapore, the Apple Marina Bay Sands follows Apple Stores in Orchard Road and Changi Airport.  The Apple Jewel Changi Airport store is in Singapore’s world-famous international airport, which also houses the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Globally, the new Apple Store is the company’s 512th branch.

What Does the Floating Apple Store Look Like?

According to images, the Apple Marina Bay Sands looks like a dark globe or space theater. The Verge also says that the Apple Store looks better at night. At night, Singapore’s skyline lights up the Apple Store, which makes it come alive. However, it’s still not clear how the inside of the store looks. Your best guess would come from a tweet from MacRumors. The website tweeted out a teaser video from Apple announcing the new opening.

Can You Go Inside the Floating Apple Store?

You can find more details about this new Apple Store on the website 9to5Mac. Because of COVID-19, this new store will follow the safety protocols in all of Singapore’s Apple Stores. Only a few customers can enter at a time. If you want to go in, you also have to wear a mask.

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