Apple says it will require developers to tell users the data they collect through privacy “nutrition labels” on their App Store pages.

In recent months, Apple has stressed its support for user privacy. For iOS 14, the company released a slew of privacy features. Now, Apple wants developers to supply “nutrition labels” for their app’s privacy. The company wants them to do so starting December 8. 

Privacy “Nutrition Labels”

The Verge reports that this feature was supposed to come out in September. However, it didn’t make it to iOS 14’s launch day. According to The Verge, the “nutrition labels” will tell users what to expect in privacy before downloading an app from the App Store. You should know what info the app collects. Like labels in a grocery store, this info should be on the app page. 

Privacy with Apple

Apple warns developers that they should always reveal the data they collect from users. They should also update their “labels” regularly. For example, you will know that an app gets your precise location before you download it. If the app takes away its GPS function, it should show that, too. With this feature, you will always know when an app wants to track you. This way, you will know what you download. You won’t get suckered by an app that doesn’t tell you everything. 

App Tracking

These labels should simplify things for users. Since they’re visual, these labels should be easy to understand. These labels could also be users’ first line of defense against privacy breaches.

Developers can submit their app’s information now. The deadline is on December 8.

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