Seth Aaron Ator is a 36-year-old man who was identified as the gunman accused of the open firing in West Texas city of Odessa by the authorities. We got more information concerning the mass shooting as the federal agents accompanied for the investigation procedure as well.

The statement released by Odessa police suggested that the death toll was now for the seventh time after Ator was ceased by the state troopers for firing in the open and then escaping before shooting at random people. On Sunday, the members of the authority made sure to visit about 15 crime scenes in order to seek traces for Ator’s car and home as well.

The reason behind the initiation of the shooting remains unknown and is still being determined upon by the authorities. According to the information obtained from our sources, Ator used AR-style weapon, which took place during the shooting spree for 10 miles.

Steve LeSueur, who is the spokesman of Odessa police, said that one of the victims of the shooting remains in life-threatening condition. Due to the incident, the afternoon became completely chaotic and reports said that the US Police Postal Service was hijacked and Ator began shooting multiple people randomly.

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