Burger King reveals the updated design for its restaurants through a walkthrough model uploaded on YouTube. With the new plans, the hamburger company emphasizes the need to adapt to a pandemic world. The redesign comes as many businesses find the need to cope with the health crisis to serve customers better.

Burger King’s Restaurants of Tomorrow

Burger King dubbed the new designs as the “Restaurant of Tomorrow.” The in-house design group from the brand’s parent company came up with the latest plans. Moreover, people from other business areas, including those from tech, operations, and food innovations teams, also shared their input. Also, the concept for the new designs tackles the need to fit its restaurants better to the pandemic.

Updated Design Details

The footprint of the overhauled restaurants fares smaller than the traditional ones by 60 percent. It best suits cities and other urban areas with a high volume of vehicles.

Furthermore, the new design showed more spaces dedicated for drive-thru orders. Digital menu boards showcase the offerings of the restaurant. Customers can also seize the chance to order straight from their vehicles while in the restaurant parking. They only have to scan a code, and their orders will be delivered to them.

In addition to more expansive spaces dedicated to vehicle traffic, those who prefer dine-in can notice the new shaded patio with outdoor seating. Pickup lockers also give customers a chance to minimize contact. The staff will place orders on coded pickup lockers, which face the restaurant’s exterior.

Consumer Behavior

According to Rapha Abreu, Global Head of Design for restaurant Brands International, the design team integrated functionality and technology on the reimagined designs. “The restaurant of the tomorrow merges the best functional technology with unique modern design to elevate our Burger King guest experience.”

Meanwhile, the company’s chief operating officer Josh Kobza noted that they kept in mind how consumers would behave. The COO said the overhauled design is “attractive to guests” and the franchise operators can “maximize their return.”

Burger King revealed that the first restaurant to be updated with the new design would come next year. They will build the revised design in Miami, where Burger King headquarters, as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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