CEOs of different retail stores from across the US have come together to tackle the importance for states to impose strict mask policies.

Plea to the governors

In an article published online by CNN Business on Friday, various store owners urged the governors to require mask wearing when in store premises. This open letter comes as reports of people who skipped on wearing masks lash out on staff/employees when refused to be provided serviced or not allowed to enter stores.

The letter, signed by 21 owners of major retail stores in the US, reads: “Without government leadership, a small, but meaningful, segment of customers will continue to disregard private-sector warnings, placing themselves and others in harm’s way by shopping without a mask or face covering.”

According to them, there are still some states which are not yet implementing mask wearing in public. It was dubbed as “simply irresponsible” and against the safety of the public.

The plea of these CEOs: “To the public officials in those states where face coverings are not currently required in a retail setting, please issue the appropriate order or pass the necessary legislation immediately. And use your platform to remind every citizen in your state to respect the frontline workers who are showing up to work every day to ensure our families are safe and secure with all they need.”

Balance between safety and security

They further stated that the responsibility of obligating shoppers to wear face coverings should not be passed to the store staff. To them, store personnel could be at risk when they are the ones to impose to people to put on a mask. They stated: “In mandating the use of masks in public settings, the role of enforcement should not fall upon our employees, team members and associates. Requiring retail employees to serve as de facto law enforcement could lead to an unsafe environment for our employees and customers.”

The 21 business owners noted in their letter the effort of retailers in rallying around a common cause, which are undermined by a minor group of people who refuse to wear masks. This, to them, could risk the lives of many Americans, both their employees who rely on their work and their customers who need to access these shops.

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