The CDC provided several guidelines for businesses like retailers on how to protect their employees from anti-masks customers.

Despite the plea of health experts for people to wear masks in public settings, there are still those who refuse to do so. This has caused many business establishments to deal with shoppers refusing to observe safety measures, which spawn incidents resulting in violence and hostile treatment towards retail store employees.

To that, the Centers for Disease Control Prevention issued some guidelines on Monday on approaching non-wearers of masks among customer-based businesses.

Pointers for Businesses

When many establishments like retail stores and dine-in restaurants have welcomed customers once again, many of them have imposed safety measures, including wearing masks. Among those who implemented mask policies include Starbucks and Walmart. There are, likewise, at least 30 states who have already implemented mandatory wearing of masks, per CNN. 

On their website, the CDC laid out pointers that different companies can follow to keep their staff safe from anti-masks shoppers. The guidelines are meant to protect employees further and have them prevent dealing with aggressive customers.

Peaceful Resolution

Some of the advice the health agency includes is advertising about establishments’ policies through business websites and even putting up actual signs in the facility.

Employers are also encouraged by the CDC to train their workers in recognizing and confronting threats. The body further suggests a peaceful resolution, telling employees not to engage in an argument when customers turn hostile.

Similarly, if a customer looks “upset” when told to wear a mask or limit the purchase of essential items like toilet paper, the CDC recommends: “Don’t attempt to make them follow the policy.”

Bloomberg remarked that this is echoed by the advice of retail giant Walmart to its employees, which involves avoiding conflict by not insisting  the policies on customers.

Boosting Security

Moreover, the CDC recommends businesses to delegate two of their staff, if possible, in encouraging the observance of safety measures.

The health bureau also proposes the installation of security systems, including CCTVs and panic buttons. Also, employers are encouraged to assign “a safe area” for workers when they feel threatened.

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