The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website is now saying that COVID-19 can spread through the air as aerosols. Earlier, the CDC noted that COVID-19 spreads mostly by a person sneezing, coughing, or talking. But if the virus becomes an aerosol, a person can pass it even if they were just breathing. 

How COVID-19 Spreads

On its website, the CDC has updated its COVID-19 guidance. Earlier, the agency said that COVID-19 gets around through close contact. However, they found out that COVID-19 could spread through aerosols or respiratory droplets. Through droplets, the virus could travel far when the infected victim sings, talks, coughs, sneezes, or breathes.

If you inhale the droplets through your mouth and nose, you’ll get infected. The CDC says the virus spreads this way mainly. 

COVID-19 Indoors

CNN reports that the virus could remain in the air for a long time. The virus could also travel beyond six feet, where more people could inhale it. Earlier, the CDC had said that six feet were a “good social distance.” 

However, the CDC is now warning people to stay at least six feet away from people. They should also wear masks and wash their hands more often. If you’re sick, the CDC says you should stay home and isolate. You should also use air purifiers to kill germs indoors.

Moreover, the CDC website also says that people “who are infected but do not show symptoms” can infect others.  

Warnings of Indoor COVID-19 Spread

Scientists have already warned that COVID-19 might spread through the air. In July, 239 scientists also wrote a letter warning the WHO that COVID-19 could float in the air as droplets, which people could inhale.

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