The CDC has now revoked its earlier guidance about the airborne transmission of COVID-19. Just days ago, the CDC warned the public that COVID-19 could travel beyond six feet as aerosols. 

New CDC Guidance

CNN reports that the CDC has removed language referring to the airborne spread of COVID-19 on its website. According to the agency, they made a mistake in posting the new guidance. CDC spokesman Jason McDonald told CNN that the update was still a draft.

The revoked guidelines said that COVID-19 could float in the air for a long time. Moreover, the virus could also travel in the air beyond six feet. Scientists have noted that COVID-19 could spread among people less than six feet apart.

After CNN had posted the update on its website Sunday, the CDC answered on Monday that it was revoking the update. 

Why Did the CDC Change the Guidelines Anyway?

Earlier CDC guidelines said that COVID-19 spreads from people in close contact or droplets expelled after coughing or sneezing. The new CDC update added that COVID-19 could also travel in the air as aerosols. People who cough, sneeze, sing, talk, or breathe can spread these aerosols beyond six feet. If you inhale these droplets, you’ll catch the virus.

Moreover, these droplets or aerosols can stay in the air and travel beyond six feet. This spread happens during “choir practice, in restaurants, or fitness classes.”  

Concerns About Airborne Transmission

In July, 239 scientists wrote a letter to the World Health Organization that urged them to take the possible airborne transmission of COVID-19 seriously.

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