Exotic pets and hedgehogs may have caused the salmonella outbreak that sickened several people in the US. According to the CDC, they’re looking at the outbreaks’ possible ties to hedgehogs and pet bearded dragons. 

Salmonella from Hedgehogs

CNN reports that the salmonella outbreaks have sent roughly dozens of people to the hospital.

In 17 states, the Salmonella Typhimurium strain poisoned 32 people. After talking to 23 sick people, the experts learned that 16 of them touched a hedgehog. Five people got sent to the hospital. Thankfully, no one died. Soon after, the experts also found salmonella in samples from a hedgehog in an ill person’s home.

Salmonella from Bearded Dragons

Meanwhile, the Salmonella Muenster strain poisoned 13 people from eight states. Seven of them got sent to the hospital. Among the seven, five of them were children below five years old. Thankfully, no one died, too. After talking to the sick people, the experts found that ten of them touched a bearded dragon. Soon after, the CDC found salmonella in a sample obtained from a pet bearded dragon owned by an ill person in Virginia. 

Signs of Salmonella Poisoning

If you’re sick with salmonella, you’ll suffer diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps that last from four to seven days. Most people recover from sickness. However, children below five and seniors above 65 are likely to suffer severe symptoms. 

The CDC says that you should thoroughly wash your hands after touching your pet or anything in its vicinity. You should also keep them away from your kitchen, or anywhere you eat, prepare, or store food.

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