Century Park Law Group is committed to Helping Clients Get Full Recovery and Compensation 

Sahm Manouchehri and his fellow injury lawyers are making the law make sense by educating clients and by helping them reach full medical recovery and obtain full financial compensation from insurance companies.  With an amazing tagline “We’re Making the Law Make Sense.” CPLG is one of the most influential law firms on the internet.

Why does “making the law make sense” help you and your case? Because understanding the injury claims process helps ensure that insurance companies can’t devalue your injury claim. Century Park Law Group is making the law make sense through proper education of its clients. CPLG is committed to offering legal and professional help for clients who have been injured or killed in auto accidents, slip, and fall, trip and fall, etc.

Century Park Law Group’s service is based on achieving two goals for clients: assist them in reaching full medical recovery and to obtain full compensation.

Century Park Law Group has a highly committed and expert team of injury lawyers with over 70 years of combined experience and professionalism. Clients get 100%, no-obligation, free consultation with confidentiality, and respect for privacy at all times.

The birth of Century Park Law Group

A few years after starting his own practice, Sahm joined forces with Sam Tabibian. Tabibian had a background in civil litigation and wanted to open a firm that was dedicated solely to representing clients in personal injury matters. Like Manouchehri, Tabibian had already started his own practice, and the two made a formidable team.
Two years after CPLG had been established, Robert L. Booker II joined the team and shortly became partner and head of the firm’s Litigation Department. Booker had an impressive background, having worked extensively in complex litigation, including but not limited to personal and catastrophic injury, premises and product liability, business, contracts, civil rights, security, federal cases involving the Americans with Disabilities Act, and wrongful death.

The three lawyers banded together to create a firm that covered all areas of personal injury law. Today, they are known as the hard-hitting, fact-driven injury lawyers who provide a service that is unmatched. They may be based in California, but their combined background and excellent track record have gained them respect nationally in personal injury law.

CPLG can be found on Instagram with the handle @cplglaw, where they have shared many IGTV videos of them discussing personal injury matters.

Their branding is clearly geared towards the young, modern person who searches for a firm that will relate to them on a personal level. With a classy, minimalist and modern aesthetic, CPLG’s website and social media accounts are accessible, professional and engaging.

Client care is CPLG’s top priority, and they are committed to making their clients feel listened to. The team makes a point of taking a limited number of cases to allow them to give clients their undivided attention. This modern-day law firm’s primary focus is on complex premises liability and auto, truck, and motorcycle accident claims. Their goal is to obtain the full amount of compensation available for clients across California, and they pride themselves in being a firm that makes the law make sense.

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