Something just like this has caused online rage, and an investigation.

Over the weekend, David Solomon, CEO of investment banking firm Goldman Sachs, has become the DJ for a Hamptons concert which featured The Chainsmokers. The event is now currently being investigated over audiences who were reported to be violating physical distancing measures.

The Goldman Sachs CEO is also an electronic dance DJ when he is not dealing with Wall Street peers and has a moniker of D-sol around New York and Miami clubs. He is said to have performed for one hour.

“Closer” crowds?

The musical occasion gained traction from social media users, with circulating video footage of people ignoring physical distancing. Even governor of New York state Andrew Cuomo has condemned the outdoor concert, saying that the Health department will be probing the incident. Writing on his Twitter, Cuomo expressed: “Videos from a concert held in Southampton on Saturday show egregious social distancing violations. I am appalled… We have no tolerance for the illegal and reckless endangerment of public health.”

Dr. Howard Zucker, Health Commissioner for the state, wrote to the supervisor of Southampton expressing how disturbing the event with “thousands of people in close proximity” and attendees were “generally not adhering to social distancing guidelines.”

Good intentions

The New York government has mandated of banning social gatherings that are deemed inessential and would involve more than 50 people. The event, with a live drive-in performance from Grammy-holder The Chainsmokers, intends to donate proceeds of the concert to various causes such as charities dedicated for children in need. “D-sol” served as the opening act.

The concert under fire

According to a spokesperson for the investment firm, they confirmed Solomon has indeed performed at the party early on but departed before it was concluded. “The vast majority of the audience appeared to follow the rules, but [Solomon is] troubled that some violated them and put themselves and others at risk,” reads a statement from the company. They further mentioned that the benefit concert was in coordination with the local government and health safety measures were observed. 

Meanwhile, the event organizers have previously announced of a “safe and controlled environment setting the bar for all events to come.”  The Safe & Sound concert even encouraged attendees of wearing face masks when using comfort rooms. They also required social distancing measures, which, according to CNN Business, were not clear on how such guidelines were observed. Tickets were priced by as much as 25 grand.

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