A new CDC report says that while children and teens rarely die from COVID-19, those who do come from minority groups. Also, kids with health conditions and kids between 18 to 20 years old are more likely to die of the virus. 

The New CDC Report

The CDC published the new report in its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Led by the CDC, experts found that COVID-19 rarely kills children and young adults. After studying the death toll of 190,000, the experts found that only 0.08% of the deaths were people under 21. In other words, only 121 young people have died of COVID-19 since it hit the US.

Updated data from the CDC also show that 377 young people up to 24 years old have died from COVID-19. 

Minority Groups and COVID-19

However, the report is not good news for minority groups. According to CNN, the experts found that 44% of the 121 deaths were Hispanic children. Around 29% of the deaths were African-American. Meanwhile, 4% were American Indians or Alaska Natives, while another 4% were Asians or Pacific Islanders. 

CNN also says that these groups form only 41% of the US’ under-21 population. However, these groups totaled 75% of young American deaths. Only 14% were white children. 

COVID-19 Spreading through Children

Another study showed that children could spread the virus to other families without knowing. Even an infant managed to infect their parents. Meanwhile, a South Korean study also showed that 22% of the children with COVID-19 were asymptomatic.

The CDC says that parents should keep a closer eye on their children if they get COVID-19. While they may not die of the virus, they could suffer complications. They could also spread the virus to other people very quickly.

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