Cocomelon is not only the third most-subscribed channel on YouTube; it has also been managing to reach Netflix’s Daily Top 10 lists.

Would you be surprised if among the most-watched on Netflix is the adorable kids’ show “Cocomelon”? Alongside “Cobra Kai” and “The Umbrella Academy,” Cocomelon had managed to reach the Daily Top 10 charts, and once even placed third, according to Forbes. Though the musical kids’ show never became top 1, Forbes said it had been in the most-watched for longer periods.


Earlier this month, Forbes published an article that reported that Cocomelon had remained in Netflix’s Daily Top 10 charts for 43 days straight. Since Netflix first introduced the list this year, only five other shows had managed to do such an accomplishment. It includes “The Umbrella Academy” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

If you are not familiar with Cocomelon, it is basically a children’s show featuring songs of both classic and new nursery rhymes. The program stars several CG-animated characters of both humans and anthropomorphic animals (like in Three Little Pigs, but more). Primarily, the main demographic it targets are preschool kids.

Some Numbers

Actually, Cocomelon began as a YouTube channel and currently has over 96 million subscribers. In fact, it is the third most-subscribed channel on the platform, only behind T-Series and PewDiePie. Overall, Cocomelon’s videos had accumulated views of over 80 billion, and that’s just on YouTube.

Although Cocomelon only has three hour-long episodes on Netflix (consisting of various minutes-long songs), it didn’t stop the show to consistently top the platform’s charts.

Streaming Strategy

Moonbug Entertainment, a British firm, purchased the massive hit YouTube channel for an undisclosed amount. Meanwhile, the American company Treasure Studio makes the content. Cocomelon is just one of the properties that Moonbug has bought. In a previous article from Bloomberg, CEO Rene Rechtman said how he can transform Cocomelon and other properties into billion-dollar franchises. “They need to be on multiple platforms, have proper licensing and merchandise, and have a great presence on music platforms.”

In an interview with the Verge, Andy Yeatman, head of Moonbug’s US operations, echoed Rechtman. He said part of their strategy is “to work with other platforms—and Netflix is a very important one.”

Furthermore, in The Verge article, Yeatman explained that some families have YouTube as a “go-to platform” in their household. But then, some families shy away from the Google-owned streaming site, “and Netflix is their go-to platform.”

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