Epic Games had scored its first victory against Apple. The court had barred Apple from revoking Epic’s access to the Unreal Engine. From the court order, Apple also couldn’t delete Epic’s iOS developer accounts. However, the court also ruled that Apple’s removal of Fortnite from the App Store still stands. 

Apple vs. Epic Games in Court

The Verge reports that the court gave Epic a temporary restraining order against Apple. With the order, Epic gets to keep using the Unreal Engine, though Fortnite remains out of the App Store. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers also said that Apple doesn’t need to bring Fortnite back. 

She had said that Epic Games intended to disrupt the status quo by breaking its deals with Apple. To maintain the status quo, she allowed Epic to use the Unreal Engine and allowed Apple to keep Fortnite off its Store.

Why are Apple and Epic Games Fighting?

Apple had deleted Fortnite from the App Store after Epic Games implemented a direct payment option in the game. Epic had also offered a discount for direct payment. This option allowed users to pay Epic Games directly, instead of going through Apple’s in-app purchases. If users paid through Apple, the company would receive 30% of the money. Fortnite gamers could buy its in-game currency called V-bucks using real money.  

The Epic Games Lawsuit

In response, Epic sued Apple for removing Fortnite and threatening to revoke its access to iOS tools. Microsoft had also supported Epic Games in its effort to hold on to the Unreal Engine.

The trial between the two companies will probably begin next year. 

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