The United States keeps reeling from the pandemic. From the latest report, over half of US states are reporting a spike in COVID-19 cases. Five of these states have also recorded a 50% jump in cases in seven days. 

US COVID-19 Numbers

CNN reports that Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Vermont have reported a 50% leap in cases. Over the weekend, US experts warned that patients and deaths would leap in the next few months. Over 7.7 million Americans have caught COVID-19, while 214,764 have died. 

Changes in COVID-19 Case Rates

Only three states reported fewer average daily cases in the past week. These states are Maine, Texas, and Washington. Meanwhile, sixteen states also posted steady numbers in cases, which are:

  •     Alabama
  •     Arkansas
  •     California
  •     Connecticut
  •     Delaware
  •     Georgia
  •     Hawaii
  •     Kansas
  •     Louisiana
  •     Maryland
  •     Massachusetts
  •     Nevada
  •     New Hampshire
  •     New York
  •     South Carolina
  •     Wisconsin

However, every other state has recorded a surge in new COVID-19 infections. 

Rising COVID-19 Numbers

In Montana, only 11 days went by before the state tallied 5,000 new cases. This number rfepresents a drastic surge since the start of the pandemic. During that period, Montana took five months before reaching 5,000 cases.

On March 13, Montana saw its first case. Almost five months later, on August 10, the numbers rose to 5,017. On the other hand, Montana saw 5,046 new cases from September 30 to October 10 alone. 

Public health experts have warned the public to take the pandemic seriously. COVID-19 cases could explode during fall and winter. As more Americans stay indoors, they could spread the virus quicker.

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