Not only could COVID-19 take away your smell, but it could also take away your hearing. A mom in the US reported suffering hearing loss after catching COVID-19. 

COVID-19 and Hearing Loss

CNN reports that Meredith Harrell’s right ear started ringing out of the blue last July. After that, Harrell also noticed that she couldn’t hear anything out of that ear anymore. Harrell only learned she had COVID-19 when she went to the doctor. Her doctor told her the virus could have taken away her hearing.

Scientists know that viruses like measles, mumps, and meningitis could cause hearing loss. Now, they believe coronavirus could join that list. 

More Evidence

Dr. Matthey Stewart, teaching at Johns Hopkins Medicine, said that they’ve begun hearing more reports of COVID-19-induced hearing loss. Small studies have also appeared that point to a link between them.

In one Manchester, England, study, a team asked COVID-19 patients if they had suffered hearing loss eight weeks after leaving the hospital. They also asked the patients if they heard ringing in their ears. Out of the 138 patients, 13% of them said they did.

Dr. Stewart and his team also found the virus in the middle ear and the skull’s mastoid bone. They had done procedures on the bodies of three COVID-19 victims. After the search, they found the virus in two of the three bodies. 

More COVID-19 Research

Kevin Munro, who was part of the Manchester team, said that hearing loss from COVID-19 makes sense. However, their team is still planning to conduct broader research on the subject. For now, both Munro and Stewart say that high doses of oral steroids could treat hearing loss.

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