The Board of Advisors helps business owners to receive advice from successful and experienced entrepreneurs. Advisors Mastermind supplies a tremendous opportunity to meet business leaders. They help every new member to grow his business, improve his life.

David Seruya, the young and successful owner of Total Home Protection, made some surprising, pertinent, and captivating comments at Board of Advisors Mastermind reunions.

Board of Advisors Mastermind in a nutshell

Business owners face daily lots of challenges; the business landscape changes often, the budget maybe sometimes tight, the labor market disappointing. Mastermind teams allow entrepreneurs to find professional solutions in no time.

Members of this group work together, create new opportunities, finance deals for each other. Being experienced business leaders, they can maximize profit cutting inefficiencies. Advisors Mastermind members come from different domains, such as inventors, national franchise developers, famous copywriters, social media moguls, top presentation trainers, and many other specialists.

A new board member testifies that he was surprised to find so much intelligence and creative energy at the Board of Advisors Mastermind. The member list is full of interesting personalities. They are ready to work with a solicitor to surpass the most significant problems. The Board of Advisors is an excellent example of essential management skills: connecting with people, excellent communication, and permanent professional background improvement.

How BA helped David Seruya & Total Home Protection

Total Home Protection is up and running from 2005, but David Seruya understood that the key to success does not mean keeping his business as it was the beginning. He worked hard to develop the company and increase its prestige through considerable efforts. Now he has countless satisfied customers and hopes that their number will increase. David strengthened the teams of professionals; he delegated part of his attributions to valuable employees. Some specialists from many domains approved David Seruya’s conclusions. The success of Total Home Protection is proof of his management skills.

David Seruya talked about the critical role of the Board of Advisors as a crucial factor in business development. His ideas about success in business were bright. He used all available media instruments to bring more attractivity to his speech. David presented his new ideas with charm and humor, being attentively listened to by all participants.

David explained how he built bridges between the firm he created in 2005 and the new firm and collaborators. He took care to have answers to the new clients’ demands. One of the keys to success is to update the activities and services as often as necessary.

The young entrepreneur earned trust and experience at the Board of Mastermind. It was not only how much money he made; it is also about building a strong team of professionals, help them to work in a friendly environment, and create the opportunity to relax and become friends. David confessed that the secret of his success is not a secret. Connections in life and business are the magic tools of success. The Board of Advisors helped David Seruya become a talented leader.

The sympathetic investor confesses that the difficulties he met strengthened him, and the failures made him perfect his managerial skills. He started Total Home Protection when he was incredibly young. His essential qualities and skills helped him to lead Total Home Protection to success. He had the chance to share his knowledge at the Board of Advisors. His speech highly appreciated implied favorable feedback.

David Seruya emphasized the role of his staff. Excellent organization and updated equipment, computerization of services as much as possible, nothing will bring the deserved success without a well-trained staff having a friendly work environment.

AI is the focus of Total Home Protection

The young entrepreneur focuses now on AI technology to improve the hold time. He will not make conversations with customers an impersonal discussion with predetermined answers, replacing human solicitude and warmth. Nor will turn customer calls into completing questionnaires that are sometimes far too technical. The desired improvement will provide databases with as much information as possible to help technicians choose the best answers quickly.

David Seruya received lots of questions, and his answers were professional. His speech feedback was tremendous. He was incredibly careful with the crowd; he managed to keep the audience attentive.

It was not his first-time presence at Board of Advisors Mastermind. The board members were his friends; they already collaborated before. After a meeting with prominent members of the group, David became more confident in his strength. New opportunities for Total Home Protection development have appeared. His open, optimistic, and friendly nature, his bonhomie made the meeting with the Board of Advisors an auspicious event.

Why do we need a Mastermind group?

Each brainstorming receives feedbacks. When David Seruya presented some ideas and had some exciting proposals, instantly, his friends feedback helped him to improve Total Home Protection activity and his life. David Seruya realized that his collaboration with minded persons in a non-competitive environment is an excellent opportunity to grow.

David Seruya now gets the feeling of being part of a community and receives valuable support. It is the reason why he is more efficient. The Mastermind group frees David to take more initiatives for bigger dreams. He can improve Total Home Protection activity more confident in his chances. His friends offer valuable support. It is the way to the long-term growth of Total Home Protection. As he said in an interview for social media, David forged relationships and time life friendship at the Board of Advisors Mastermind. He will never be alone when he faces new challenges.

David Seruya knows that each meeting at the Advisers Entrepreneur Mastermind do not means wasted energy and time. It is the reason why the Board of Advisors is a family for David Seruya.