Disney delays the release of one of its most-awaited Marvel film again. “Black Widow,” supposedly premiering in November, will hit theaters next year. As a result, other movies in the Marvel franchise lineup will follow suit.

Delays in Marvel Movies

Initially, Disney set to premiere the film in May. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson as the titular character. However, as the pandemic hit the US in March, the entertainment giant’s lineup of titles underwent a series of delays. The company moved “Black Widow” on November 6, and now, they further moved it back to May of next year. 

Consequently, other films under the Marvel Cinematic Universe also saw delayed screenings. “Eternals,” originally for a February 2021 release, will now hit theaters in November next year. Meanwhile, “Shang-Chi” also moves from a May 2021 release to July of that year.

However, the company has not announced yet updated release dates for 2022 Marvel movies. Disney previously delayed the new “Doctor Strange” movie to March 2022. Also, “Thor: Love and Thunder” still has a February 2022 premiere date as of writing.

Shuffling Disney’s Schedule

Meanwhile, Disney also postpones one of its bigger films with renowned storyteller Steven Spielberg. Disney will push back the latest version of “West Side Story” by one year, from an original release of December 2020 to a new schedule of December 2021.

Previously, the House of Mouse announced a shakeup in the schedules of two of its other giant franchises from 2021 to 2027. In July, it said that the new installments of “Star Wars” and “Avatar” will move back by one year. The sequel to the James Cameron-directed 2009 film will now hit theaters 2022, while the next “Star Wars” film will see a 2023 release.

Bad News for Theaters

Theater operators hope that these blockbuster titles could help them recover from forced closures when the outbreak happened. But with another round of delays, despite reopening last summer, it would be difficult for them, CNN Business reports.

Marvel films remain among the highly-anticipated titles, which operators hope could attract moviegoers to buy tickets. But with the pandemic, major studios keep on reshuffling its schedule. Even Disney skipped the theatrical release of the live-action “Mulan,” which debuted on its streaming platform for an additional fee. However, Disney/Pixar’s “Soul” still remains unmoved from the scheduled November release.

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