Brian C.T. Beckham was born into a world most of us could only dream of, a member of an Aristocratic European Jewish banking family and holding the hereditary title of Count of Nysa.

Brian could have spent his days enjoying the perks and parties afforded to most of his station, however, Brian chose a very different path far from the grand balls of Europe. Today you can find him treating those with substance abuse and mental health issues at one of the nonprofit clinics he and his family fund.

After receiving doctorate degrees in both medicine and psychology, Brian worked with United Nations intergovernmental organizations and nonprofits however feeling not enough was being done on the ground for those in the most desperate need of help he came to the American South and to a front role post treating patients.

It is nothing new to see celebrities and those with titles soliciting funds for nonprofits or even doing photo shoots to raise awareness on social media. But seeing Dr. Beckham on the front lines treating patients at the Life Management Clinic in Louisville Kentucky reminds us all that Noble is far more than a title, it’s something we can all be by taking action to help those in need.

When asked why the change from the life he had known to one most would see as thankless Brian replied:

“It’s far from thankless, I’m just being thanked in a different way, a more meaningful way. The fundraisers may garner more press and another plaque for your wall but none of that compares to thank you from someone whom you know you helped change their life directly.”

I doubt that titles and heredity matter much in Kentucky, or if those who walk through the doors of Life Management even know who Dr. Brian C.T. Beckham is other than a psychotherapist and maybe that’s the point to focus more on others and their needs than who we are.

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