Dr. Anthony Fauci says the US COVID-19 situation must get worse before pushing for a nationwide lockdown, as the fall surge begins.

The US is going through a fall surge in COVID-19 cases. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci says there’s no need for a national lockdown yet.  

No US Lockdown

According to Dr. Fauci, the US situation has to “get really, really bad” before pushing for a national lockdown. He says Americans are tired of the pandemic. The economy must open. Dr. Fauci also says the US is not out of the woods yet. 

COVID-19 Trends in the US

CNN adds that COVID-19 cases are rising in nearly every state. Cases have dropped by 10% in only two states. These are Missouri and Vermont. On the other hand, cases have surged by over 50% in two states. These are Connecticut and Florida.

Moreover, cases have spiked between 10% to 50% in 27 other states. These states are:

  •     Alabama
  •     Arizona
  •     Colorado
  •     Georgia
  •     Idaho
  •     Illinois
  •     Indiana
  •     Iowa
  •     Kansas
  •     Massachusetts
  •     Michigan
  •     Minnesota
  •     Mississippi
  •     Nebraska
  •     Nevada
  •     New Jersey
  •     New Mexico
  •     North Dakota
  •     Ohio
  •     Rhode Island
  •     South Carolina
  •     South Dakota
  •     Texas
  •     Washington
  •     West Virginia
  •     Wisconsin
  •     Wyoming

All other states have steady numbers. 

US COVID-19 Averages

The US has recorded a daily average of 55,000 new COVID-19 cases. This number marks a 60% surge. As of Saturday, COVID-19 has infected over 8.1 million Americans while killing 219,666.

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