Epic Games has led a funding round of $15 million to expand Core, a new game development tool. With the new funding, Core could make game creation accessible to more people.

Epic Games and Core

Manticore had launched Core early this year. The company had planned to make Core “the YouTube of game development.” According to The Verge, Core is both a tool and a marketplace. 

Epic Games had already expressed commitment to game creation tools. Among its tools is the popular Unreal Engine. Lots of companies use this Engine, not just for video games. For example, Disney uses the Engine for The Mandalorian. 

Moreover, Epic Games has also added a creative mode to Fortnite. With this mode, Epic hopes to grow a close Fortnite gaming community, akin to Minecraft.  

What Is the Core Game Creation Tool?

People who want to make games can download Core for free. With Core, they can also make free-to-play games to publish on its website. Gamers can play these games within their browsers, too. 

According to the Verge, people have made “puzzle games, battle royales, and music games,” among others.  Moreover, Manticore had begun a $1 million fund to pay game creators. They have also partnered with Dungeons & Dragons. 

What’s Next for Core?

Manticore CEO Frederic Descamps said that his company admires Epic’s efforts to empower the gaming industry. He added that Manticore joins Epic to build a gaming world that’s friendly to gamers and creators. 

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