Apple’s enemies have banded together against the company’s App Store Policies. Called the Coalition for App Fairness, the group includes Epic Games, Spotify, Basecamp, Match Group, Tile, Blix, and Deezer.  

The Coalition for App Fairness

The Verge reports that the Coalition wants to level the playing field for app developers. Moreover, the group also wants to give people the freedom to choose apps for their devices.  

Most of the brands in the alliance have fought against Apple’s App Store policies. Uniting for the same goal, these firms plan to rally other app developers to fight at their side. The Coalition offers these developers a central organization that would help them take on Apple.

Who Can Join the Coalition for App Fairness?

Small companies are welcome to the Coalition, the group said. The alliance also welcomes app makers from all industries. If you want to work for a level playing field for apps and consumer choice, the group greets you. 

The Coalition says that it is fighting Apple on three issues. One of them is Apple’s 30% cut for in-app purchases. Also, they’re calling out Apple for tightly controlling iOS and the App Store. This control also means Apple can just kick out other apps if they’re stealing users from Apple’s services. 

How the Coalition for App Fairness Would Fight Apple

According to the Verge, the alliance has written a code of conduct that it wants Apple to accept. The code of conduct wants Apple to allow app makers to choose the app store they want. App makers should also have access to the technical information held by the owners. Moreover, the alliance wants Apple to stop forcing developers to pay 30% to the company for in-app purchases. 

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