Health experts warn that the United States might see six-digit daily COVID-19 case numbers soon, as the fall surge begins.

On Friday, the US recorded over 83,000 new COVID-19 infections. This number marks the country’s highest one-day infection record. Moreover, this number is over 6,000 higher than the previous record in July. Now, experts warn that these numbers will only get worse. 

COVID-19 in the US

CNN reports that the 83,000 new COVID-19 infections are a new milestone for the US. As the cases spike in the fall, experts predict the numbers will go even higher. Michael Osterholm says that the US will “easily hit six-figure numbers” soon. Moreover, Osterholm says that the deaths will go up “in the next three to four weeks.”

Osterholm directs the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy. 

COVID-19 Spikes

Osterholm’s comments came after the US recorded a new record for weekly new cases. On Friday, the US posted a seven-day average of over 63,000 patients. According to Johns Hopkins University, these numbers mark an 84% rise since September.

As of Saturday, the US has recorded 55,537 new cases, with 562 deaths. This year, 8,547,198 Americans have caught the virus. Also, 224,537 people have died.

What’s Driving the Spikes?

Experts say that small gatherings have helped cause the spikes. As fall comes, more people go indoors, which spreads the virus quickly. Moreover, health officials worry that more Americans would let their guard down during the holiday season. They might choose to visit family and friends, which could drive up infections.

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