In the future, maybe you’ll see Amazon drones beside birds flying above your house. The FAA has cleared Amazon to test out drones for air deliveries. If Amazon passes its air trials, it could drop off your orders at your doorstep via drone.  

FAA and Amazon Drone Clearance

Gizmodo reports that the Federal Aviation Administration has given Amazon a Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate. However, this certificate doesn’t mean that Amazon can now fly drones to your house. The certificate is simply the only way for Amazon to use drones for possible deliveries. 

How Did Amazon Get the FAA Clearance?

In the report, Amazon had to give evidence to the FAA that its drones could safely deliver packages. The company also had to demonstrate its plans to the FAA. Among these plans are manuals, operation protocols, training manuals, and maintenance systems. 

Amazon added that it created over 500 safety and efficiency processes to get FAA clearance. The company stressed that it wants to deliver customer packages within 30 minutes from the time of order.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon has built test sites in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and the United Kingdom. However, the company didn’t say where they would start testing drones. 

Is It Safe to Use Amazon Drones?

Amazon might run into some problems if they start doing drone deliveries. The company would have to program routes into the drones, and they have to fly in any weather. Also, the drones would have to avoid birds. And even if they do so, the drones could still crash into aircraft.

If Amazon does push through with drone deliveries, it will take years before they launch their first drones. 

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