Get ready for Facebook’s new look. The social media app announced that it would change to a new design in September. If you’ve seen the changes and you don’t like them, you won’t have any choice. Earlier, Facebook had allowed users to switch back to the classic design, but that’s gone in September. 

Facebook’s New Look

Gizmodo reports that Facebook’s new look is similar to Twitter’s standard layout. Facebook just has more tabs and functions. On Facebook, you can look for Groups, videos, and other content. According to the same report, the new Facebook also seems to be a scaled-up version of the mobile app. 

Are There Other New Features in the Facebook Update?

Other bonus features in new Facebook are previewing Groups, quicker navigation, and a native dark mode option. Facebook also claims the new layout allows for faster performance. If you hate Facebook’s white and blue color scheme, you’re probably going to love the dark gray one. The company also claims that dark mode reduces glare on your monitor. 

How Should I Know About This Facebook Update?

Engadget reports that Facebook had allowed users to opt out of the new look in May. But now, a new notification is telling users that old white and blue Facebook will go away in September. However, the message also comes with a survey asking users if they would instead use classic mode.

Facebook had announced the redesign at the annual F8 conference in 2019. The company rolled out the new look last March.

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