Facebook warns it might ban users in Australia from sharing news on the app. The government had pushed a law that would force Facebook to pay for content.  

Facebook Getting Stingy

Engadget reports that Facebook has stressed that news content doesn’t bring in a lot of revenue. Moreover, the company also said that the law disregards the financial value Facebook brings to publishers.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has proposed the law.

Facebook’s Alternative Offers

With the threat, Facebook will stop users in Australia from sharing news in the country. You couldn’t share news from Australian news outlets and international media. The ban would also affect Instagram.

Facebook also said that it had offered to bring Facebook News to Australia, but the government ignored them. The company said that they fear publishers would charge them for content “at a price with no clear limits.” No business operates like that, the company continued.  

Other Tech Companies vs. Australia

Google is also resisting the new move in Australia. The company has said that the new law could risk people’s search data. Also, the new law might give special treatment to big media companies and hurt Google’s free services. 

Before, Google had already shut off search features in some European countries. These countries had dared to force Google to pay publishers. 

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