The US FDA has approved the first drug treatment for the Ebola virus, which was first tested during the 2018 Ebola outbreak.

While drug companies work on COVID-19 drugs, the FDA has approved the first drug treatment for Ebola. This approval also means that experts can develop drugs during an active outbreak. 

New Ebola Drug

The Verge reports that the new Ebola drug is the FDA’s first approved therapy drug. Moreover, John Farley said that the FDA’s approval shows the importance of countries working together against the Ebola virus. Farley directs the Office of Infectious Diseases, under the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. 

What Is the New Ebola Drug?

The new Ebola drug is called Inmazeb. If you drink it, it blocks Ebola in your body. The drug company Regeneron developed Inmazeb. Currently, Regeneron is also testing a similar treatment for COVID-19. 

The company had done the PALM trials on Inmazeb from 2018 to 2019 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In 2018, the country suffered an outbreak. During these trials, they compared four Ebola drugs. They found that two drugs were most effective. 

Notably, the PALM trial was the first-ever trial done during an outbreak. The trial’s success proved that you could try new drugs during an epidemic.

What’s Next?

The PALM trial’s success has driven companies to find COVID-19 treatments at the height of the pandemic. For example, they followed the PALM model to test remdesivir in the US. The FDA has approved this drug for emergency use on COVID-19 patients.

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