If you’re worried that you may have COVID-19, but you don’t feel any symptoms, you’re in luck. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorized testing for asymptomatic people. People who don’t think that they have gotten the virus can now go to a testing center. This move may help the US contend with its rising number of COVID-19 cases, which has reached 4 million.

What Is This New FDA COVID-19 Test?

Gizmodo reports that the FDA has allowed LabCorp to run RT-PCR tests on asymptomatic people. At first, LabCorp could only test people suspected of having the virus. But the FDA order now enables them to test anyone. LabCorp had given data that their test kits can detect the virus among the general population.

The FDA believes that LabCorp’s data are accurate when used among the general public as among people suspected of infection.

What Other COVID-19 Tests Does the FDA Allow?

Moreover, the FDA also allowed LabCorp to run pool testing. With this, LabCorp can now test five people at once. According to Gizmodo, pool testing lets many people get tested at once, using fewer resources.

The FDA also said that allowing more tests can help the government start reopening schools and businesses quicker. 

To get LabCorp’s tests, you will have to obtain a prescription. You can use home sample collection kits, or you can have your doctor do it for you. As of now, tests only run with samples gotten by healthcare providers.  

Can This FDA Order Help Stop COVID-19?

The FDA order allows more people to get tested. However, the best ways to keep safe from COVID-19 are wearing masks, washing your hands, and staying away from other people. 

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