Remote workers on their shift today may have had trouble using Gmail and Google Drive. You’re not alone, too. Thousands of people have already reported having issues with Gmail and other G Suite services since midnight ET. 

Google Updates on Outage

Google did report on its status page that it was looking into issues with Gmail. This update came after the company received reports of problems with Gmail and Google Drive. On websites like Down Detector, thousands of people from all over the world have complained of Gmail problems. For example, users could not send any email over the app. 

Gmail Issues

A writer at Engadget said he could send emails but could not attach a file. To begin with, attaching a file took him a while to finish. Afterward, the writer got an error message telling him to check his network. Several users have also reported this problem. If you’re working from home, you and your workmates might have come across the same problem. 

Slack Issues

There’s also bad news for Slack users. While Google looks into its issues, Slack also reported experiencing an outage. On its status page, Slack said that users could not load messages, and Android users couldn’t connect to the app. The company has announced that it is rushing to restore normal functions.

Working from home is already stressful on its own, but software and network outages aren’t making things easier. Let’s hope that Google and Slack can fix things as soon as possible.

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