This Sunday, a far-right party had the privilege to score its strongest results in the two-key state elections held in the eastern region of Germany. The party was positioned in the second position on the very day when Europe marked its 80th anniversary for the Nazi invasion of Poland.

The Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) secured the first position in the election, while the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party secured the second rank in Saxony, and; in Brandenburg bagged the second position to the Social Democrats (SPD) in center-left.

The results that have come up recently have served up like a blow to the coalition of Merkel’s party along with the SPD. These elections have proved to be an achievement and more like a victory for the AfD, which took away 23.5% of the votes in Brandenburg, while 27.5% in Saxony.

The first far-right party to enter the national parliament of Germany was AfD in about 60 years of time. In the federal elections that were conducted in 2017, the party had bagged the third position. The results of the election were released on the very day when Frank-Walter, who was the president of Germany 80 years back had asked forgiveness from Poland for Germany’s Nazi invasion.

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