Glossier apologizes over allegations of workplace misconduct among former retail employees.

Personal care company Glossier, along with its chief exec, is apologizing to ex-employees over allegations of misconduct.

Acknowledgement of Problem

On Monday, the company took to Instagram its statement to acknowledge the claims of former retail workers of experiencing “pain and discomfort” while working for Glossier. Its CEO and founder Emily Weiss also apologized for the alleged racism and mistreatment. The beauty products seller is among the latest to be called out amid intense protests against racial inequality.

The social media post of Glossier reads: “We’ve heard accounts of the myriad ways the systems and culture we’d developed failed to create the inclusive, safe environment they deserved. This goes against the values that inspired us to build Glossier in the first place.”


Last week, an anonymous post was shared on both Instagram and Medium, through the “Outta The Gloss” account. It is mocking the company blog called “Into The Gloss.” The posts were regarding different claims from retail staff about the unpleasant experiences that they encountered in the company, particularly being racially discriminated against.

The collective also sought the company to hear the voices of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color) and be given a space to speak up via an open Zoom conference.


CEO Weiss has also said through the company website that an internal probe has been launched in response to the outcry of the retail workers. She also said that she had also heard similar stories earlier the summer. “Starting June 15, several members of our retail team emailed me with their concerns around the work environment in our stores, especially for our Black, POC, and LGBTQIA+ teammates.”

The 35-year old Glossier head further said that despite their stores being shut down because of the pandemic, they are working on creating a “better work environment.” This did not include any apology to which the collective of retail workers said they were “insulted by it.”

‘Plan of Action’

In Monday’s Instagram post, Glossier wrote: “We’re so sorry we didn’t create a workplace in which our retail employees felt supported in the most critical ways.”

Among the measures to be taken by Glossier, per their Instagram post, include the demands being sought by “Outta The Gloss.” The modifications comprise de-escalation training and improvement of manager feedback.

Glossier also encouraged former staff to share their ideas on how they can move “towards our shared vision.” The beauty product retailer also promised compensating those who would cooperate.

In response, “Outta The Gloss” thanked the actions taken by the company. But they added, “Their work is not yet done, this is only their first step.”

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