Google Assistant is getting a new feature. With the update, Google Assistant gets added reminders, and it can suggest new activities for you. The new feature rounds out Google Assistant, allowing you to map out your full day. 

Google Assistant’s “Snapshot”

Called Snapshot, this new Assistant feature came out in 2018. In its first version, the Snapshot can only remind you of flight times, online purchases, commute hours, your schedule, and stock market updates. The new version of Snapshot will now add reminders like birthdays and holidays.  

How Does the New Snapshot Work?

Aside from reminders, the new Snapshot can also suggest new things to users. While the old Snapshot can recommend Spotify songs or YouTube videos to you, now the app can suggest new recipes, podcasts, and restaurants. The app will use your existing data to form its recommendations. Moreover, these suggestions would update themselves during the day. You wouldn’t want to get breakfast suggestions at night.

How Can I Use Google’s Snapshot?

You can now access Snapshot through voice command. Just pull up your Assistant app and say, “Hey Google, show me my day,” while pressing the app’s Snapshot button. As of now, the app only recognizes English voice commands. However, Google says it would add more languages in the future.

Google Assistant would also help you remember friends’ birthdays. If it’s your contact’s birthday, the app will alert you. Then it will pull up an action option where you can call your friend or even sing a “personalized birthday song.”

Download Google Assistant on iOS and Android to use these new Snapshot features.

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