To help protect our emails from scammers, Google has introduced new security features to Gmail. This feature is part of the latest security improvements Google is launching for G Suite. For Gmail, Google launches the BIMI system. BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It sounds complicated, but it kind of works like the blue checkmarks on Twitter.  

How Does Gmail’s BIMI Work?

Engadget said that BIMI works similarly to other checks on social media. This time it’s for email. For BIMI, Google uses the DMARC system to validate corporate logos. So when you see the CNN logo in your newly opened email, that means it’s verified. In a blog post, Google had said that scammers could “forge” the address on the “From” bar to make their emails look legit. 

To fight that, Google now uses validated logos from corporate partners.

Corporations Joining the BIMI Group for Gmail

As of now, Google said that Google and Verizon Media would receive the first BIMI pilots. However, the company plans to extend more pilots to other companies. Google and Verizon will also use the Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) to prevent spoofing. The certificate will prove that email senders own the logo they are sending.

When Can We See This New BIMI Feature for Gmail?

In the same Engadget report, Google said they were planning to launch the tech in Gmail “in the coming weeks.” Let us know how the new feature looks like when you see it. 

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