A new ransomware attack just hit Capcom this week, where hackers say they stole 1 TB of data from the company’s internal networks.

Japanese gaming giant Capcom is the latest victim of a ransomware attack. A report says the attack hit the company’s internal networks. Moreover, the report adds the hackers stole Capcom’s files on its internal operations. 

Capcom Hacked 

Gizmodo reports that Capcom saw the attack early on Monday morning. The company noticed they could not access their internal networks. Later, Capcom said hacking caused the issue. The hackers kept trying to breach their networks. Through these attempts, Capcom’s networks went down.

Capcom did not give many details about the attack. 

Ragnar Locker

However, the site BleepingComputer managed to get a sample of the software used by hackers. In their report, a hacker group used the Ragnar Locker ransomware against Capcom. This software is familiar. Hackers also used this malware to attack an energy company and a French oceanic carrier recently.

Capcom said the hackers did not steal their data. However, BleepingComputer dug up a ransom note from the software. The note said the hackers stole 1 TB of company intel from Capcom’s networks in Japan, Canada, and the US.

The hackers also linked screenshots of the stolen files at the end of the note to prove their claim. Moreover, the note also contains a link to a private page. This page contains 24 MB of stolen material. These documents include salary spreadsheets, immigration forms, and non-disclosure agreements. 

Capcom Ransom

The reports do not say how much Capcom should pay to get their files back. However, Ragnar Locker hackers did ask for 11 million euros ($11.8 million) in their most recent attack.

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